2 million gallons of water a day used for extraction in California

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coverreport31[1]Each day, the oil and gas industry uses more than 2 million gallons of water on average in California on dangerous extraction techniques such as fracking, acidizing and cyclic steam injection. At a time when California is facing the worst drought on record, when farmers and cities are both struggling to find ways to conserve water, the oil and gas industry continues to use, contaminate, and dispose of staggering amounts of precious water resources each day. Read more about the California drought here.

This is a stark reminder of what Britain faces if it chooses fracking over clean and plentiful water supplies. And of course it’s not only the amount of clean water that is used every day, it’s also the fact that this water is contaminated by a cocktail of dangerous chemicals in the process and is very difficult, if not impossible, do dispose of safely.

You can also read more about the global water crisis caused by fracking in other countries in this Food and Water Watch report.


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