North York Moors National Park faces further cuts — one quarter of budget taken since 2010

North York Moors National Park faces further cuts — one quarter of budget taken since 2010

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The North York Moors National Park is to cut more staff and scale back its operations after another cut to its budget.

A meeting on Monday will discuss plans to save £720,000 over the next year with the loss of 13 posts.

Andy Wilson, chief executive of the park authority, claimed the cuts would leave the park less well protected.

Since 2010, the authority’s grant from central government has dropped by more than 24%.

“Half of Britain to be opened up to fracking”

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Michael Fallon, the former energy secretary, has described shale as an "exciting prospect"

“The report warned that communities close to drilling sites could see a large increase in traffic. Residents could face as many as 51 lorry journeys each day for three years, the study said.”

“It also warned of potential strain on facilities for handling the waste water generated by hydraulic fracturing, the process known as fracking, which involves pumping water, sand and chemicals into rocks at high pressure to extract gas.

“There were also concerns over the potential environmental impact on the countryside.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

All fracked out before we’ve begun?

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fracking_2986949bSource: Daily Telegraph

“The 130 resistance groups around the country have dealt a blow to those at the heart of shale gas and oil exploration.”

“The industry increasingly fears that, here, too, it is losing the ‘social licence’ of public support needed to operate successfully.”

“Forget all the hype about fracking bringing down gas prices here, as in the US (even the industry no longer believes that); or creating tens of thousands of jobs (you’d get far more per unit of energy from insulating buildings).”

Source: Daily Telegraph


York councillors speak out against fracking

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Six of ten York councillors spoke out against fracking at the City of York council meeting this month.


National Parks safe(r) from fracking

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The headline says that national Parks will be “saved” from fracking.

The small print says “except in exceptional circumstances”.

A pity they’ve already given planning permission for a massive injection well at Ebberston, inside the National Park.


Policing in Balcombe last year

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An interesting video from Balcombe last year, which gave me insight into how a peaceful protest/protect can work, and how policing can be done well.

Petition against changing the trespass law

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We have until 15 August to make our views known on the government’s plans to change the trespass laws to allow fracking to go ahead.

Here at Frack Free Ryedale we oppose this change, because of all of the implications listed here.

You can make your views known here on this epetition site:

Drilling in Pennsylvania has damaged the water supply 209 times in last seven years

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And according to the oil industry, those numbers are pretty good!

Source: via PowerSource Gazette

Greenpeace petition — write to your MP

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Greenpeace have made it easy for you to call for your MP to oppose the planned change to the underground trespass law.

Petition to stop fracking

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38 Degrees have started a petition to stop fracking.

You can sign it here: