Lower Derwent Valley

Lower Derwent Valley

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UK9006092“The Lower Derwent Valley is one of the largest and most important examples of traditionally managed species-rich alluvial flood meadow habitat remaining in the UK.”

Source: Joint Nature Conservancy Committee






The impact of fracking in Australia

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Please click the link:


Community Impacts

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The more I read, the more depressed and angry I get. Is this really what’s coming to our beautiful little island and the government is going out of their way to encourage it?


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Source: Daily Mail

Small town stops fracking!

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Someone comes to your home and tells you that the place is now theirs and there’s nothing you can do.

That’s what happened to the people in this little mountain town. Little by little, depressed neighbour reached out to depressed neighbour.

And when two local lawyers had an “aha!” moment — at 4:51 in the video — it seemed like there might be something they could do after all. But first they had to convince their town board.

Watch the climactic vote at 7:52.

Source: Upworthy


Seismic explosions east of Hovingham

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Drilling and charging the SP’s for seismic survey to the immediate east of Hovingham yesterday 21 July 2014 The man on his knees presumably packing the charge hole.

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Recording equipment

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Feeling very low frequency rising tremors in Brawby right now. Been going on for about 20 minutes. Inova Hawk SN11 recorders and PE-6S Geophones are all along our land boundary. Not a good feeling.

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Vibrator wagons in the seismic survey

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Two great big vibrator wagons, up by Gt Barugh bridge at half 4 this afternoon


Seismic testing area in Ryedale

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For reference, the area being seismically tested is in the image below. The full planning application is on the NYCC website.




Congratulations Wisborough Green!

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The first, but not the last!

Germany bans fracking for seven years

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“There won’t be [shale gas] fracking in Germany for the foreseeable future,” German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks. “Protecting drinking water and health has the highest value for us.

Source: Wall St Journal/ The Australian

France has also repeatedly banned fracking. Source BBC