Cornell University engineer on Fracking

Cornell University engineer on Fracking

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In this short talk, Dr Anthony Ingraffea of the Civil and Environmental Engineering department of Cornell University talks about:

  • why fracking is not a “60 year old tried and tested” technology
  • how pretty much all wells leak within a few years, and why this is
  • how fracked gas is not a ‘clean’ fossil fuel: in fact it is dirtier than coal

In his talks he also recommends the following two sites as sources of reliable, fact-led information about fracking:

The fracking cover-up: Defra censors key report 63 times in 13 pages

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A freedom of information request to read Defra’s internal report on the impacts of fracking has let us find out what the government really thinks.

Problem is, the short (13-page) report contained 63 sections that were blanked out.

These include:

  • “Three major social impacts on rural communities” — blanked out
  • “Impact on house prices” — blanked out
  • “Impacts already experienced by communities near fracking sites” — blanked out
  • “Impact on businesses and business rates” — blanked out

Only three paragraphs of the Conclusions survived. Even the name of the author was removed.

Most bizarrely, officials claimed that there was a “strong public interest” in withholding the information … from the public!


Source: Daily Mail


Experts reject economic boost of shale, insist jobs could be lost

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“Experts’ report rejects economic boost of shale and insists jobs could be lost.”

“Research by US and British scientists and medics warns fracking could unleash health and environmental disasters while failing to deliver the promised economic boom.”

The experts warn of “potentially lasting damage to tourism and agriculture while bringing only short-term jobs and doing little to cut long-term energy costs.”

Each report “makes for uncomfortable reading for anyone living near a potential fracking site.”

Source: Daily Mirror

You can read the full original reports also on our website, here and here.

Fermanagh District Council vote against fracking

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This evening, on the back of intense community opposition and resistance, Fermanagh District Council have voted against the national government’s fracking policy.


Latest info coming from Artists Against Fracking Northern Ireland:

& No Fracking Northern Ireland:

Tamboran has licences on both sides of the border (Fermanagh and Leitrim) and are trying to construct a site at Belcoo, where it wants to drill a shale gas exploration well. The local community has been mobilising to resist.

Belcoo Community Protection Camp:
West Newton Community Protection Camp:
Crawberry Hill Community Protection Camp:
Upton Community Protection Camp:
New UK fracking licensing threat: (more…)

Wind power in Denmark half price of coal and gas

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“The cheapest form of new electricity in Denmark will be onshore wind power when new turbines become operational in 2016, according to a new analysis by the country’s government. The price has been estimated to be about one half of what coal and natural gas cost.”

And fracked gas is more expensive than natural gas.

You can read the full article here.

Economics of fracking

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fracking_2599026bFrom the Daily Telegraph.

“Rather oddly, hardly anyone seems to have asked the one question which is surely fundamental: does shale development make economic sense?

“My conclusion is that it does not.”

The author  was global head of research at Tullett Prebon 2009-13


Potential impacts of fracking in Ireland/Northern Ireland discussed

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A short interview here with a well known investigative journalist from New York (who works freelance for the BBC) who has good experience of the impacts of fracking in the USA.

The film was made by a cross-border group in Ireland, and includes discussion of the impacts on farming in the area.

New petition against drilling in National Parks

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nationalpark have set up a new petition, against drilling for oil and gas in our National Parks.

Frankly, we can’t imagine why our government would even contemplate it.

You can sign the petition here.

Spotted in York

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Running for a Frack Free RyedaleDo you know these people?

They were spotted in York yesterday, Running for a Frack Free Ryedale.

We believe they may be unarmed and friendly, and that there may be more of them nearby.

Lorries arriving at West Newton site, E.Yorkshire

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This is an example of what it would be like if we allowed fracking in Ryedale.

This film was shot in Yorkshire in July 2014. .

There were 25 vehicles in this particular convoy. We have heard stories of 50 or more vehicles arriving in one convoy, with residents in tears.

Remember that when you hear talk of “an average of three vehicles per day.”