Party Leader calls for ban to fracking in Shropshire

Party Leader calls for ban to fracking in Shropshire

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Green-Party-leader-Natalie-BennettBut why is it only the Green party who are against fracking, when 74% of the people are against it?

Natalie Bennett has said that plans for fracking in Shropshire should be scrapped immediately, during a visit to the county.

Ms Bennett made her comments after former Environment Secretary and North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson, known for his pro-fracking views, said: “Europe risks condemning itself to oblivion as global manufacturer if it does not embrace fracking. UK must get a move on.”

It seems odd that the two leading European countries, Germany and France, do not share his views. Both of them have banned fracking.

Source: The Shropshire Star

Organising in Dorset

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An all day meeting in Dorset

People in Dorset are organising an all day event in support of the anti-fracking movement.

They recommend these two sites as places to find out more:

And have arranged

  • Bands to play The Cellar Bar (seven so far confirmed)
  • Guest Speakers
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Cake Stall

Frackers Spill Olympic Pool’s Worth Of Hydrochloric Acid In Oklahoma

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Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but this is the reality of fracking.

Accidents happen, however good the legislative framework. And it’s no good saying sorry afterwards.

Another reason why we have to stop fracking in Ryedale.

“An acid spill on Monday in rural Kingfisher County northwest of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma could turn out to be the largest spill “in relation to fracking materials” in the state according to an Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokesman.

“Spokesman Matt Skinner said 480 barrels of fracking-related hydrochloric (HCL) acid, nearly enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, emptied out of a tank where it was stored. Acid is used in the fracking process to both clean wells and stimulate the flow of oil and gas. The cause of the spill, which occurred in an alfalfa field, is under investigation.”

Full story here.