Anne McIntosh demands redacted fracking report

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220px-Anne_McIntosh[1]MP Anne McIntosh told the Prime Minister the public must be given all the facts if they are to be asked to back fracking.

Mr Cameron was being grilled by MPs on the liaison committee when he was asked by the Thirsk MP to explain why the public were being kept in the dark on issues surrounding social and housing safety as detailed in the controversial Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts report.

In a confrontational exchange Ms McIntosh said that the PM’s support for fracking was unlikely to impact on his constituents, pointing out that fracking would “not be coming to Witney anytime soon,” though the PM insisted he would welcome it if it did.

Ms McIntosh told the PM: “You are asking the public to take a lot on trust, so why is the shale gas economic report so heavily redacted? Will you ensure an unredacted copy, particular on social impact, housing impact and safety in relation in flares is published unredacted?”

Show us the report, Mr Cameron. In the meantime, read the full article in the Yorkshire Post.


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