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Frack Free Business LogoThe Frack Free Business Group has been set up by local businesses in Ryedale to oppose fracking in the area. Over 180 companies have already joined the group to campaign against fracking in Ryedale by declaring themselves frack free.

These include many companies who rely on the tourist industry for their income, such as pubs, hotels, cafés, art galleries, caravan parks, gift shops, tour companies, holiday cottages and B&Bs.

Other businesses that have joined the group include farmers, high street retailers, vets, printers, catering companies, construction companies and wine merchants, to name but a few.

The launch of the Frack Free Business Group has been widely reported in the press and online. Here is a report in the Northern Echo, entitled ‘Mass of firms unite to fight area becoming ‘UK fracking capital’. There is also a report and comments in the Gazette & Herald.

How can my business join the Frack Free Business Group?

If you are the owner or manager of a business in Ryedale, please contact us at and we will send you a downloadable form to fill in and return to us. We will then add you to our database.

Please note that you can choose for your and your company’s details to remain confidential if you wish.

Why should I become a Frack Free Business?

defra quoteFirstly, you will be standing up against the threat of fracking in Ryedale, which (as the Government quote to the right confirms) would transform this beautiful part of the UK and lead to the industrialisation of the countryside.

We will promote your business within the local community as a Frack Free Business, and encourage our members to support you. We will also keep you updated on campaign initiatives, planning applications, business news and other fracking-related developments in Ryedale.

We are also encouraging every Frack Free Business in Ryedale to object to Yorkshire’s first fracking application at Kirby Misperton. If you would like to write an objection, please visit our KM8 – How to Object page for guidelines and a downloadable template letter.

Quotes from Frack Free Businesses

Paul O’Hanlon, the manager of the Black Swan Hotel in Helmsley, said: “We rely on tourism for our business, which in turn supports the local economy. We also cater for seasonal shooting parties and are concerned what effect fracking would have on our countryside, and wonder whether people would still want to visit Ryedale.”

Darren Allanson, who co-owns the Patisserie in Malton and helped to set up the Frack Free Business Group: “Once I started looking into fracking, it became apparent to me that Ryedale simply could not accommodate such an industry, given how many businesses rely on the tourism sector. Even if we just look at the huge increase traffic if Ryedale became the centre of the UK fracking industry, how would that affect our road network?”

Anne Barnes, who runs a bakery in Helmsley, added, “As a business owner in Helmsley and a farmer, I am extremely concerned the impact fracking will have on my livelihood. I also worry what the future holds for my grandchildren from the effects of fracking on the environment.”

Don’t forget, if you would like to join the Frack Free Business Group, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Darren Allanson, Frack Free Business Group

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