Celebrating Ryedale Calendar 2016 and FFR Christmas Cards

Brawby Barn Owl --©Karen Garrett


Our A3 display Celebrating Ryedale 2016 calendars make authentic Christmas gifts from North Yorkshire. Twelve stunning photos taken by local photographers, each one showing a typical Ryedale scene in brilliant colour.  They will make great gifts for your friends and relations anywhere in the country. Only £10+ £3 p&p.

Please scroll down to find out how to place an order.

Pickering Christmas ©Tim Thornton








Support Frack Free Ryedale this Christmas by sending your relatives and friends our popular A5 silk-finish Christmas cards. There are five fabulous designs to choose from, please scroll down to the bottom of this page to view them.

£5 for five cards + £1.50 p&p. You can choose to have all one design or pic’n’mix. Please don’t forget to tell us which cards you want, and how many of each, when you order.


If you have a PayPal account, you can pay by PayPal:  please pay into robert@robertfieldphotography.co.uk , referencing ‘Calendars’ or ‘Cards’

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay by Cheque:  please email ffrsales.15@gmail.com for mailing details and for any further enquiries (e.g. for p&p for larger quantities).

When ordering Christmas cards, please say how many of each design you would like.

Design 1 - Taking Santa to Pickering

Design 1 – Pickering Train








Design 2: Pheasant

Design 2: Pheasant








Design 3: Winter signs

Design 3: Signs of winter








Design 4: Byland Sunset

Design 4: Byland Sunset









Design 5: Fracking sense

Design 5: Fracking sense