Judicial Review sought on KM8 decision

km8 no social licence portraitOn 7th May, Friends of the Earth and members of Frack Free Ryedale applied to the High Court for a Judicial Review of the NYCC’s decision to allow Third Energy to frack at their KM8 wellsite at Kirby Misperton in Ryedale. You can read the official press release by clicking here.

The NYCC decision to allow Third Energy to frack at Kirby Misperton was made by a 7-4 vote of the Conservative-dominated Planning Committee, despite 99.2% of respondents opposing the application. Nearly 100 people gave evidence against the application, including local residents, climate change experts, businesses and ex-Ryedale MP Baroness Anne McIntosh.

For the press comment on the Judicial Review application, please see the relevant articles in the Yorkshire Post, the Guardian, the Gazette and Herald and Drill or Drop.

Uniting the Roses

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100px-White_Rose_Badge_of_York_svgDuring the past 2 weeks, Third Energy have been holding consultation meetings with residents in Pickering, Gt Habton, Malton and Kirby Misperton. Frack Free Ryedale members have been outside each venue (not being deterred by the cold) for the duration of each meeting from 1.00 – 7.00 pm. This was an important presence to show local residents they are being supported and that they can say no. It was also a message to Third Energy that residents oppose fracking in Ryedale. We counted people going in and spoke to most of the people coming out of the consultatio100px-Red_Rose_Badge_of_Lancaster_svgn. The majority expressed concerns about traffic, air and light pollution, 24/7 drilling and specifically about the impact on house prices.

We were also joined at Kirby Misperton with fantastic support from Frack Free Lancashire and the Fylde. This combined support truly united the Roses from Lancashire to Yorkshire, coast to coast. We are building on our joint efforts and resources to stop fracking in the UK. Let’s keep up the pressure, together we can stop it!

Secret emails reveal officials knew about fracking water threat

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Tap water near a fracking site in the USA.

Tap water near a fracking site in the USA.

The risk that drinking water in Sussex could be contaminated by fracking chemicals was known by the Government more than a year ago, previously secret documents reveal. Ministers were privately briefed by the Environment Agency (EA) that fracking near aquifers – underground rocks which contain water – should not be permitted.

In a private memo, revealed by Greenpeace through Freedom of Information requests to Number Ten, a senior EA official writes: “The Environment Agency would not allow hydraulic fracking to take place in an area where there are aquifers used to supply drinking water. If there were sensitive ground waters present in an area where a company wanted to carry out hydraulic fracturing, we would object during the company’s planning application and refuse to grant an environmental permit.”

fracking_water[1]However, this guidance was not released to the public and the EA’s head of climate change later changed the wording on a public statement related to the issue so as not to create “too stark a message” about shale gas drilling.

Read the full article from the Argus here.

This underlines two things: 1) the government knows that there is a clear and present danger that fracking would contaminate our water supply, and 2) government agencies are doing all they can to cover up this information and mislead the public.

The effects of fracking in Canada

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The effects of fracking in Canada are not a pretty sight. And too comprehensive to summarise in a single sentence here.

There’s a link here: http://brokenground.ca/

The website is written by someone who understands the process — an expert in the field.

The first headline is “Loss of livelihood, sickness and death”. The second “A parent’s worst nightmare”. Then “Building the legal case: Breaking ground to protect nature”, “Persistence in the face of ridicule”, “Canada’s political disconnect”…


Policing in Balcombe last year

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An interesting video from Balcombe last year, which gave me insight into how a peaceful protest/protect can work, and how policing can be done well.

The impact of fracking in Australia

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Please click the link:


Community Impacts

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The more I read, the more depressed and angry I get. Is this really what’s coming to our beautiful little island and the government is going out of their way to encourage it?


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Source: Daily Mail

Small town stops fracking!

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Someone comes to your home and tells you that the place is now theirs and there’s nothing you can do.

That’s what happened to the people in this little mountain town. Little by little, depressed neighbour reached out to depressed neighbour.

And when two local lawyers had an “aha!” moment — at 4:51 in the video — it seemed like there might be something they could do after all. But first they had to convince their town board.

Watch the climactic vote at 7:52.

Source: Upworthy