Farmers fear fracking could spell financial ruin

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dreamstime_xs_2086095-300x233[1]An article in the Daily Telegraph discusses farmers’ fear they could face financial ruin from government plans to allow fracking beneath their land without compensation, the National Farmers’ Union has warned. The NFU say that ministers pushing for shale gas exploration cannot take the support of rural communities for granted and are turning farmers against the process by appearing to brush side their concerns.

The Government is pressing ahead with new laws that would strip people of power to block fracking beneath their property or land. It has insisted no compensation will be paid to individual home and landowners, because they should not be affected by the gas or oil extraction deep beneath them.

But the NFU, which represents 47,000 farm businesses across England and Wales, said its members feared that the value of their land above fracking sites could be reduced “because of current attitudes and perceptions of fracking” – even if no harm was actually caused. This could result from people refusing to buy food that is grown in fracking areas, or avoiding these areas on holiday and thus affecting farmers’ ancilliary businesses, like farm shops and B&Bs.

This could have serious consequences for farmers, especially those with mortgages secured to their land – for whom “any reduction in the value of the land could have significant financial implications”.

Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Potential impacts of fracking in Ireland/Northern Ireland discussed

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A short interview here with a well known investigative journalist from New York (who works freelance for the BBC) who has good experience of the impacts of fracking in the USA.

The film was made by a cross-border group in Ireland, and includes discussion of the impacts on farming in the area.

Health impacts — Risks and harms of fracking

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Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 21.09.21This very recent (July 2014) report by Concerned Health Professionals of New York State summarises the known health impacts of fracking.

The Executive Summary demonstrates evidence of risks, harms and associated trends” under the following headings:

  • Air pollution
  • Water contamination
  • Inherent engineering problems that worsen with time
  • Radioactive releases
  • Occupational health and safety hazards
  • Noise pollution, light pollution and stress
  • Earthquake and seismic activity
  • Abandoned and active oil and natural gas wells (as pathways for gas and fluid migration)
  • Flood risks
  • Threats to agriculture and soil quality
  • Threats to the climate system
  • Inaccurate jobs claims, increased crime rates, and threats to property value and mortgages
  • Inflated estimates of oil and gas reserves and profitability
  • Disclosure of serious risks to investors
  • Medical and Scientific calls for more study and more transparency

Unfortunately the document is a pdf so we cannot copy and paste it here. However, you can read it online here. Or download the document here.

The effects of fracking in Canada

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The effects of fracking in Canada are not a pretty sight. And too comprehensive to summarise in a single sentence here.

There’s a link here:

The website is written by someone who understands the process — an expert in the field.

The first headline is “Loss of livelihood, sickness and death”. The second “A parent’s worst nightmare”. Then “Building the legal case: Breaking ground to protect nature”, “Persistence in the face of ridicule”, “Canada’s political disconnect”…