CLA attacks government consultation

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dreamstime_xs_2086095-300x233[1]The Country Landowners Association, a campaign and lobby group that represents landowners and rural businesses, has accused the government of having too little regard for property rights and long-term liabilities to meet the demands of energy industry investors in its enthusiasm to realise shale gas extraction.

Their main concerns relate to compensation that would be due to landowners if their land or water would become contaminated. CLA President Henry Robinson said, “Large-scale shale gas development is new to the UK and the long-term implications are relatively unknown. There is currently no clear system in place to protect landowners from any ongoing liability should problems occur once a well has been abandoned. This is a major concern for our members and a glaring omission from the consultation. Land and property owners must be protected before further development takes place.” Read the full article here.

These words should make all landowners stop and think before they allow gas companies to establish sites on their land, particularly if they cast their eyes towards the USA, where farms are counting the cost. For a summary of the situation for farmers in Pennyslvania, read this Global Earth report on the damage done by fracking.


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