Contact your councillors

POSTER - Keep Ryedale Rural - no frackingIt’s important that people who are against fracking let your councillors know how you feel. This will help them realise how many people in the area oppose fracking, and encourage them to find out more about the industry and take an anti-fracking position.


The planning committee of the North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) will be the people deciding if Third Energy are allowed to frack at Kirby Misperton (for more information, please visit our KM8 – How to object page).

However, all 72 NYCC councillors are important, not just those on the planning committee. If we can encourage other councillors to oppose fracking, then they can argue our case within the council.

Please write a short letter or email to your NYCC councillor saying that you oppose fracking in your area, giving your reasons. You can find out who your councillor is by visiting the handy NYCC Find Your Local Councillor page. Just enter your postcode and it will take you to your councillor’s home page and their postal and email addresses. Please keep your emails letters polite and respectful.

You can also see who’s who in the NYCC by going to this Who’s Who in the NYCC page. This lists all the councillors, and you can see who on which committee by clicking on the links down the left hand side. The key committee that will make the decision about fracking at KM8 is the Planning and Regulatory Functions Committee.

If you’re not sure what to write, please visit our KM8 – How to Object page for some ideas. PLEASE WRITE THESE IN YOUR OWN WORDS as only personal letters from constituents hold weight with councillors.

As for what kind of letter you should write, it appears that letters that arrive in the post are more likely to be considered than emails, and handwritten letters are particularly valued – although of course a Word document printed letter, put in an envelope and posted, would also be very fine.


If you live in Ryedale, please also contact your RDC councillor and let them know you oppose fracking. Please visit the RDC Find Your Councillor page, where you can search by name, political party, ward or parish. This will take you to your councillor’s home page, where again you will find his or her email address and home address.

Although the RDC do not make the final decision about fracking at KM8, they are important consultees in the process and their opinion counts.

You may wish to refer to the Ryedale Plan when communicating with your RDC councillor.


It is also important to communicate your opposition to fracking to your Parish Council. Again, they do not make the final decision on planning applications, but are important consultees in the process and their view is always taken into consideration by the planning committee.

It is important to encourage the Parish Councils to take an anti-fracking position, so that if a planning application arrives in their area, they are already opposed to it.

Click on the link to find your Parish Council, which will take you to the page with all the information online. You may also find out more information from you village noticeboard or from other people in your area.