RDC Election Results 2015

Anti-fracking candidates and their supporters delivered tens of thousands of leaflets, rang thousands of doorbells, had hundreds of doorstep conversations and kissed a lot of babies (probably) – all to spread the word about the threat that fracking poses to Ryedale. And what a fantastic job they did too!

At least 13,500 people voted for candidates who were clearly and unequivocally anti-fracking and made it the central platform of their campaign. 

This marks a watershed moment in the campaign for Frack Free Ryedale, as it shows that the word is out and thousands of people in the area have woken up to what is going on. It is very clear that the more people find out about fracking, the more support we have. And that support is only going to grow as time goes on.

What was also interesting was that leading Conservatives like Linda Cowling also came out as anti-fracking, as her third leaflet shows all too clearly , and Eric Hope hurriedly stamped ‘No Fracking’ on all his leaflets when faced with the polite determination of Chris Pickles to raise the issue with residents in Sheriff Hutton.

Here are the results of candidates that we know publicly declared themselves anti-fracking, and there may be more, as we don’t know the opinions for all the candidates from other parties. But this was the list we had before the election, so let’s stick with that.

Malton – Paul Andrews, Independent – 838 votes (elected)
Malton – Lindsay Burr, Independent – 1020 votes (elected)
Malton – Ed Jowitt, Independent – 664 votes (elected)
Derwent – Stephen Shaw, Independent – 659 votes
Helmsley – Erica Rose, Green – 407 votes
Kirkbymoorside – Martin Brampton, Green – 477 votes
Kirkbymoorside – Nicky Hollins, Liberal – 280 votes
Kirkbymoorside – Luke Richardson, Liberal – 374 votes
Norton East – Elizabeth Shields, Lib Dem – 440 votes (elected)
Norton East – Ben Merhrtens, Lib Dem – 320 votes
Norton West – Jeremy Powell, Independent – 388 votes
Norton West – Eddie Thornton, Liberal – 52 votes
Norton West – Alasdair Clark, Liberal – 82 votes
Norton West – Di Keal, Liberal Democrats –  631 votes (elected)
Norton West – Howard Keal, Liberal Democrats – 325 votes
Pickering East – Joy Andrews, Liberal – 643 votes (elected)
Pickering East – Tommy Woodward, Liberal – 496 votes
Pickering East – Jane Haigh – Liberal Democrats – 169 votes
Pickering East – Charles Hopkinson, Independent – 163 votes
Pickering West – Tim Thornton, Liberal – 893 votes (elected)
Pickering West – Mike Potter, Liberal – 607 votes
Thornton Dale – Sandra Bell, Green – 510 votes
Amotherby – Darran Allanson, Independent – 485 votes
Ampleforth – Barbara Hickman, Green – 334 votes
Cropton – John Clark, Liberal – 526 votes (elected)
Dales – Nelly Trevelyan, Liberal – 281 votes
Hovingham – Nic Burton, Green – 439 votes
Rillington – Janice Avery, Green – 145 votes
Sherburn – Selma Khan, Green – 193 votes
Sheriff Hutton – Chris Pickles, Independent- 337 votes
Sinnington – Glyn Wild, Green – 289 votes

Total votes for anti-fracking candidates: 13,467.

This does not include candidates whose opinions on fracking are unknown, e.g. the Labour Party candidates and other Independents. If anyone knows other people who stood on a clear anti-fracking ticket – e.g. by declaring it on their leaflets – the please drop us a line at contact@frackfreeryedale.org.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who stood for office, who helped the candidates with their leafleting campaigns, set up film evenings, went to Hustings and asked questions, and of course all who voted for anti-fracking candidates.

  1. edward raine
    April 23, 2015 at 19:35

    Your comments please:: I would grateful for a simple answer on whether or not, under the latest Parliamentary decisions, access can be gained by fracking companies, to any land anywhere without the owner’s(s) permission, for the purpose of drilling, or exploratory geological research into future drilling? In other words, does the owner’s(s) consent have to be sought first? If not, would the first intimation of a company’s proposed activities be unannounced arrival of men, equipment etc. on that land? If consent has first to be sought, what is the process of approach, can the landowner(s) first refuse permission, and what sort of financial (or other) agreements possibly reached?

  2. Chris Redston
    April 24, 2015 at 00:15

    Dear Edward. To answer your questions in order.
    Access cannot be gained by fracking companies – or any other companies, for that matter – to the surface of private land without the owner’s permission. The key word is surface, as in the UK when you own land you effectively only own the topsoil. Any mineral deposits are owned by the Crown. However, the Infrastructure Act, passed in February, allows companies to drill horizontally under your property without your permission, as the Government changed the centuries-old trespass law to make it possible for fracking companies to do so. Which means that a fracking well set up, say, 500m away from your land in someone else’s field can drill horizontally for up to 2m under your property without permission.
    Of course, fracking companies would to set up shop somewhere, and they often approach landowners to ask permission to drill or frack on their land. This is accompanied by some very convincing sales talk saying that they will hardly notice they’re there, here’s a lot of money up front, please sign here. However, all over the world landowners are regretting letting these companies onto their land as the leases are often up to 50 years, and once you let these companies onto your land, you can’t get them off.
    To find out more how this affects farmers, please check out our farmers and landowners section: http://frackfreeryedale.org/ryedale/farmers-and-landowners/


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