Fracking threat “wiped £535,000 off my home’s value”

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Diana Westgarth's house valuation drops by 70%

Diana Westgarth’s house valuation drops by 70%

The potentially massive impact of fracking on property prices was the focus of an article in the Daily Mail. Diane Westgarth’s home is on the Flyde Peninsula in Lancashire, just 300 yards from a potential fracking site. In 2012 the property, which includes two and a half acres of land, was valued at £725,000. However, when she had it recently revalued, the new valuation was only £190,000. And two other estate agents would not even offer a price, because the possibility of fracking meant that they couldn’t be sure it would be worth anything at all.

This is not an isolated incident. The article also cites examples from homeowners near Blackpool and in West Sussex, both of which are potential fracking sites, whose homes are now worth next to nothing. Find out more about how fracking can affect the price of your home in the full whole Daily Mail article.

This follows on from the revelation that the government censored a recent report on the effect of fracking 63 times, including information about the effect on property prices.


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