Council petitions against fracking

Our District and County Councillors were elected to represent our views, and we want to let them know how strongly we oppose fracking in Ryedale and the rest of North Yorkshire. Frack Free Ryedale have therefore set up two petitions, which we will use to influence debate and decision-making within both Councils.

Download the North Yorkshire County Council petition

Download the Ryedale District Council petition

Please download both of these petitions and ask your friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else you know to sign them. Please make sure people include their postcodes on the petitions, and encourage them to add their email addresses and tick the final column so we can keep them informed. When you have completed one or more sheets, please send them to the address at the bottom of the petitions.

So what are these petitions for?





All decisions regarding planning permission relating to mineral and gas extraction – drill sites, exploratory wells, pipelines, fracking platforms, water re-injection wells, etc. – within North Yorkshire are made by the North Yorkshire County Council (apart from those situated within National Park borders). This means that we need to let our councillors know how strongly we feel about the threat of fracking in the area so that our views can be reflected in their decisions.

One way to do this is to deliver a petition with thousands of signatures of people who oppose fracking. When we get the required number of signatures, it will trigger a debate on fracking within the Council.

NOTE This petition should only be signed by people who live, work or study in North Yorkshire.


Although the Ryedale District Council does not have the authority to make final decisions regarding planning applications, it is able to make representations to the North Yorkshire County Council on planning matters that affect Ryedale. This means that the view of the District Council must be taken into account when decisions are made.

When we get the required number of signatures, the District Council will be required to have a debate on fracking, and the petition will encourage councillors to take an anti-fracking stance in all future discussions with the North Yorkshire County Council.

NOTE This petition can only be signed by people who live, work or study in Ryedale.

Thanks for helping us keep Ryedale frack-free!


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