Is fracking coming to Kirby Misperton?

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Drilling rig at Kirby Misperton

Drilling rig at Kirby Misperton

The front page article in the Malton Gazette & Herald breaks a story that we have known about for a while. A whistleblower from within the North Yorkshire County Council approached Frack Free Ryedale saying that council chiefs had told the Highways Department to begin immediate work on widening and strengthening roads around the Third Energy drill site in Kirby Misperton.

We were also told that this work was due to begin as early as September 8th and that the money for this had been taken from other areas of the council budget, despite protests from within the council highways department.

As the whistleblower approached Frack Free Ryedale with no prompting from us whatsoever, we have no reason to disbelieve the story. We were also provided with further details that have not yet appeared in the press, which only strengthen our belief that this is true.

A spokesman from Third Energy claimed that they did not know anything about the roadworks, but did not deny the possibility of fracking there in the future. Frack Free Ryedale have called for a full inquiry and a moratorium on approving any further planning applications for conventional and unconventional gas production.

Please read the full article here.


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