no social licence 2Over 1,000 people descended on County Hall in Northallerton to protest against Third Energy’s planning application to frack at KM8. There was a carnival atmosphere outside as protestors chanted, cheered, waved their banners – and of course, ate cakes! The press were out in force, and there was extensive coverage of the protest on local, national and international media outlets, and there were fireworks aplenty inside the chamber.

BUT THE JOB IS NOT YET DONE. We return to County Hall on Monday morning, where the second day of the hearing will be taking place. Please come along and show the NYCC – and the rest of the country – that we don’t want fracking in North Yorkshire. More information here or on our Facebook Event page.

A day of protest and opposition

Yorkshire NanasIt was a day nobody who attended will ever forget. People came from all over Ryedale and the rest of Yorkshire to protest against Third Energy’s plans to frack, and they were supported by people who had made the effort to come and join us from all over the country. We would like to thank each and every one of you for giving up your time and spending your own money to come and oppose fracking – this is a national movement, as well as a local one. Oh, and before the opposition accuses FFR of ‘bussing people in’, every single person who came from outside Yorkshire organised their own transport, paid for it themselves and came along because they know that if fracking is passed in North Yorkshire, then it means they are under more threat back home. All we did was invite them (and sell them cake).

In total over 65 speakers stood up to give evidence in opposition to the plans to the planning committee – heroes each and every one of them. They ranged from the expert dissection of climate change policy by John Ashton, the revelations about another gas leak at Third Energy from Nicky Mason, the tears of anxiety from Kirby Misperton Sir Richard Storery fracking enquiryresident Susan Rayment – surely the bravest and most moving of all the speakers – Sir Richard Storey’s unarguable ‘scales of evidence’ (see photo right), the dramatic intervention made by ex-Ryedale MP Anne McIntosh, Frack Free Ryedale’s own experts and their devastating critique of the application, and many many more besides. We salute you all for standing up and making your point to the Planning Committee, who can be in no doubt whatsoever of the opposition to fracking in Ryedale.

For a speaker-by-speaker round-up of the day, please read this entertaining blog by Drill or Drop, which outlines what each speaker said.


The Yorkshire Post ran a front page headline highlighting Anne McIntosh’s comments that fracking would ‘devastate’ the rural economy.

The Telegraph ran a very entertaining blog on the day’s proceedings, which you can read here. Their report on proceedings can be read here.

There’s a pick of the quotes on Drill or Drop here.

Lots more on Google – search for fracking news uk