KM8 DECISION – statement from Frack Free Ryedale

no social licence 2The following statement was published on the Frack Free Ryedale website on 24th May, directly after the KM8 decision, and was updated a month later to include the news of the Judicial Review.

Frack Free Ryedale would like to thank everyone who came along to support us outside the County Council offices on 20th and 23rd May during the KM8 application hearing. We were overwhelmed by the level of support we received from within the local community and the rest of the country, and we proudly salute everyone who demonstrated, waved placards, baked cakes, donated money, honked their horns, gave presentations, talked to the press, shared tweets, made speeches, cleared up the rubbish and a million other things that made it such an uplifting experience. (Did we mention the cakes?)

We would also like to thank everyone who has contacted us with messages of support, donations and offers of help since Monday’s outrageous decision by the NYCC to allow fracking in Kirby Misperton. We have been amazed by the huge level of support we have received since the decision, and we welcome the hundreds of people who have just joined this group. Again, we thank and salute you all.

Yorkshire NanasThe people of Ryedale do not see the decision of the NYCC to be legitimate and we declare that Third Energy have no social licence to frack at Kirby Misperton. The application was opposed by the Ryedale District Council, every Ryedale Town Council, 15 Parish councils (including all those near the well), Flamingo Land, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the Castle Howard Estate, and dozens of other groups and local businesses. The NYCC received 4,375 objections against only 36 letters in favour, yet still approved the plans. Call that democracy? We call it an outrage.

Friends of the Earth and members of Frack Free Ryedale have applied for a Judicial Review of the application, which will take some time to process. Bearing this in mind, the residents of Kirby Misperton and surrounding villages have respectfully requested that everyone who has offered to help should wait to see what the legal situation is first before making any decisions. Any legal challenge would of course take time to reach its conclusion, which needs to be taken into account by everyone when planning how to fight this threat.

no social licence 1Of course, fighting this polluting and dangerous industry is both a local and a national fight, and if fracking is allowed to start in Ryedale, KM8 could be the first of thousands of fracking wells across the country – industrialising our countryside, destroying secure rural jobs, causing climate change and threatening our health, water supplies, wildlife and peaceful day-to-day country life. We cannot let that happen.

And in response to Third Energy’s John Dewar, who had the audacity to quote Churchill at the end of his presentation on Monday, we have a Churchillian quote of our own to share with Third Energy: We shall defend our land, whatever the cost may be, and we will never surrender.’

We therefore urge everyone to continue fighting in every way you can, starting by signing THE PEOPLE’S DECLARATION against fracking.

Also, please fill in the SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER form on the right of this page, so you can receive regular newsletters on all the latest news on KM8 and the wider battle against fracking in the area.

Finally, we would like to thank each and every one of you for standing with us in the fight against fracking, and urge you to continue spreading the word in your own communities and with friends and family.

Together we can stop fracking. But we can only do it together.