Local papers report growing resistance to fracking

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Cuadrilla drilling site in West Sussex -  coming to a field near you?

Cuadrilla drilling site in West Sussex –
coming to a field near you?

Articles in this week’s Yorkshire Post and the Molton and Pickering Mercury highlight the battle that is taking place over the future of Ryedale and surrounding areas  – or, as the papers describe the area, ‘some of the most picturesque parts of Yorkshire’.

Anti-fracking campaigners and energy firms are fiercely lobbying over the rules which will be used to decide applications to carry out controversial fracking operations in North Yorkshire, York and the North York Moors National Park.

It’s encouraging to read that the message is finally starting to get through to the authorities, who have been “deluged” with calls to reject applications to frack in the area altogether by environmental organisations and individuals concerned about the potential visual impact, pollution of groundwater, earth tremors and traffic.

Ryedale Council has argued that until the impact of fracking is better known the policy “should not support the process in principle” while Hovingham and Scackleton Parish Council has also objected and Pickering Town Council has expressed concerns.

Russell Scott, spokesman for the Frack Free North Yorkshire campaign group, said the consultation responses showed that companies were trying to persuade the authorities to take an approach where fracking is “actively encouraged”.

Read the full article in the Yorkshire Post and the Molton and Pickering Mercury. Also, please register to comment at the bottom of the articles to show your opposition to fracking in Yorkshire and elsewhere.


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