Oil and gas industry fund ‘independent’ task force

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(Illustration by Patrick Lynch)

(Illustration by Patrick Lynch)

The risks and benefits of fracking for the UK are to be examined by an “independent” task force, led by the former head of the Environment Agency, Lord Chris Smith. The task force is to be funded by shale gas companies, including Cuadrilla, Centrica and Total.

Friends of the Earth energy campaigner Tony Bosworth said: “This looks like another attempt by the shale gas industry to buy respectability. If they think that opponents of shale gas, nationally and locally, who are rightly concerned about its impacts, will be convinced by an industry-funded body then they have badly misjudged. Rather than putting their money into bodies like this, the industry should engage in genuine debate with local communities.”

Lord Smith said “The funders have no influence over what we look at or what we do.”

No, of course they don’t, Chris. They’re just funding this “independent” study out of the goodness of their hearts. Seriously, how gullible do they think we are?

Read the full article in the Guardian.


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