RDC Decision on KM8 – TAKE ACTION!

Ryedale District Council Planning Committee (Ryedale House, Malton, YO17 1SA) is meeting to discuss KM8 fracking application THIS TUESDAY 15th MARCH.

Please email or write to your councillor and ask them to ensure that the Planning Committee objects to fracking at Kirby Misperton. Ideally stick to material objections (some ideas below), but anyone’s letter can have an impact on members – you don’t have to be an expert.

The final decision will of course rest with NYCC, but Ryedale District Council’s opinion as a statutory consultee is important.


Noise limits towards the south at Kirby O Carr are predicted to be breached during the 2 week pre-stimulation workover, but are deemed acceptable due to the limited duration.

In relation to the actual fracking operation, the officer report states “It is debatable as to what is an acceptable standard for this activity” but again due to limited duration (up to 5 hours on 5 separate occasions), impact is not deemed significant. You may wish to state concern about precedents being set at this early stage in the roll out of fracking. Perhaps you could suggest that  – given the proximity of this site to residential properties and campsites – no activity should be permitted during spring and summer months. At these times, visitors and residents will be spending more time in the open air and sleeping with their windows open, making any more disturbance more onerous.

Whilst Third Energy are proposing 7-day working; RDC merely wish to restrict this to Monday to Saturday. Given the importance of the visitor economy, is Saturday working acceptable?


Daily HGV traffic though Kirby Misperton village is expected to increase by just under 50%, and along Habton Road by in excess of 250%. This route forms a key section of the proposed Malton to Pickering Cycle Route. You may want to questions whether  these two uses compatible. There is a risk of setting precedent for further development.


Third Energy are proposing to submit their air monitoring results once a year. You may want to ask whether this allows for timely action to be taken in case of nuisance.

Obviously, please feel free to add any other concerns you may have – remember, you don’t need to be an expert.

Here is a list of Councillors’ names and addresses from RDC website (this includes reserve members, only 10 sit on the committee at any one time, but can be substituted with reserve members at any time). You can write to all of them for the most impact, or just the one in your area.

Councillor J Andrews,
104 Westgate, Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 8BB

Councillor P J Andrews,
2 The Beeches, Great Habton, Malton, YO17 6RS, or paul.p.andrews@live.co.uk

Councillor S Arnold,
Low Farm, Beadlam Rigg Pockley, York, YO62 7TG, or cllr.stephen.arnold@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor V Arnold,
Low Farm, Beadlam Rigg, Pockley, York, YO62 7TG, or cllr.val.arnold@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor L M Burr MBE,
Sutton Grange, Langton Road, Norton, Malton, YO17 9PU, or cllr.lindsay.burr@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor J S Clark,
Cropton Mill, Pickering, North Yorkshire

Councillor M J T Cleary,
Cillbarrain, Wandale Lane, Bulmer, York, YO60 7ES, or cllr.michael.cleary@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor D Cussons,
High Hagg Farm, Kirkbymoorside, York, , YO62 6JF, or cllr.david.cussons@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor F A Farnell,
Beech Tree Farm, South Holme, Slingsby, York, YO62 4BA, or cllr.fiona.farnell@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor J Frank, 7 Kildare Garth, Kirbymoorside, York, , YO62 6LN or cllr.janet.frank@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor C Goodrick, Whey Carr Farm, Sand Hutton, York, YO41 1LB, or cllr.caroline.goodrick@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor E Hope, Rose Cottage, High Street, Thornton le Clay, York, YO60 7TE, or cllr.eric.hope@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor T Jainu-Deen,
Little Beck House, Water Lane, Duggleby, Malton, YO17 8BN, or cllr.tharik.jainu-deen@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor B Maud,
Sleights Farm, Low Moor, Rillington, Malton, YO17 8JU, or cllr.brian.maud@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor J Raper,
1 Ness Cottage, Ryton Rigg Road, Ryton, Malton, YO17 6RY, or cllr.john.raper@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor T Thornton,
Middleton Hall, Middleton, Pickering, , YO18 8NX, cllr.tim.thornton@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor CR Wainwright,
Hall Farm, Hovingham, York, , YO62 4LF, or cllr.robert.wainwright@ryedale.gov.uk

Councillor J Windress,
33 Beckett Close, Nawton, York, YO62 7SB, or cllr.john.windress@ryedale.gov.uk