Secret emails reveal officials knew about fracking water threat

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Tap water near a fracking site in the USA.

Tap water near a fracking site in the USA.

The risk that drinking water in Sussex could be contaminated by fracking chemicals was known by the Government more than a year ago, previously secret documents reveal. Ministers were privately briefed by the Environment Agency (EA) that fracking near aquifers – underground rocks which contain water – should not be permitted.

In a private memo, revealed by Greenpeace through Freedom of Information requests to Number Ten, a senior EA official writes: “The Environment Agency would not allow hydraulic fracking to take place in an area where there are aquifers used to supply drinking water. If there were sensitive ground waters present in an area where a company wanted to carry out hydraulic fracturing, we would object during the company’s planning application and refuse to grant an environmental permit.”

fracking_water[1]However, this guidance was not released to the public and the EA’s head of climate change later changed the wording on a public statement related to the issue so as not to create “too stark a message” about shale gas drilling.

Read the full article from the Argus here.

This underlines two things: 1) the government knows that there is a clear and present danger that fracking would contaminate our water supply, and 2) government agencies are doing all they can to cover up this information and mislead the public.


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