Campaign Successes

web-fracking-pav2 The short answer is yes we can: the villages of Kirdford and Wisborough Green in Sussex have just managed to prevent planning permission for fracking near them. We know that the vast majority of the people in Britain are against fracking. (74% in this recent poll.) The new energy minister could not name a single village that supports it. We also know that we don’t actually need fracking — there are other ways of getting the energy we need, as countries like China, Germany and Denmark are showing. So there’s no real need for fracking, there are real dangers, and communities around the world are finding ways to stop it:

Here in the UK there are more than 130 groups of ordinary people like us who are saying no to fracking. 10572118_682206205201634_8153743364878043088_o The most recent huge success has been in the Sussex village of Kirdford and Wisborough Green which has refused planning permission for exploratory fracking. So, there are things we can do. And we are part of a huge nationwide and global movement to do them. Here in Ryedale we want to uncover the real facts, raise people’s awareness, get support behind our cause, and make sure our voice is heard. If you want to join in, check out the ‘Get Involved’ page.

This page on the Friends of the Earth website explains how West Sussex County Council were persuaded to turn down an application for exploratory shale drilling.

One of the tactics used by local people was a video showing how unsuitable their roads were for large lorries. You can view the video and a powerpoint presentation given at the council meeting here:

And you can read the Friends of the Earth blog about it here.