The world marches to demand action on climate change

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15121798828_ea75d5cf61_o[1]On Sunday people took to the streets all over the world to demand action on climate change.  More than 300,000 marchers flooded the streets of New York in the largest US climate change march in history, taking the environmental threat to the top of the global agenda.

This was only one of 2,700 simultaneous climate events from Melbourne to Manhattan, from Kathmandu to Buenos Aires, from Delhi to Jakarta.

Organisers claimed 570,000 people protested in 161 countries. Everywhere the message was the same – time is running out and we need to take action now. The events put pressure on world leaders assembling for climate talks in New York this week, in preparation for a major conference in Paris in 15 months time.

RIMG3372Meanwhile in London, three Frack Free Ryedale members joined the 40,000 people marching from Temple to the Houses of Parliament. Apart from sore feet, it was an enjoyable day and inspiring to see so many people (and the occasional orang-utan) marching for the climate.

There were a large number of anti-fracking banners and placards among the crowd, highlighting the contribution that burning more fossil fuels produced by fracking will have on CO2 emissions and global warming.

Read the Guardian and New York Times accounts of the events, and see some amazing and inspiring photos from a variety of demonstrations around the world on Avaaz.


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