When fracking came to America and Australia the people were told it was safe and would have little or no impact on their lives.

Their experience has been different.

These short films, made by them and others, may help you to make up your own mind about fracking.

There are other videos here.

A short film about fracking, made by Dave from York:

The actual impact on farming country in Australia:

(The technology here is called ‘coal bed methane’. This is pretty much the same as fracking, except that instead of drilling into shale rock they drill into coal.)

Short interview with a well known investigative journalist from New York (who works freelance for the BBC) made by a cross-border group in Ireland. Includes discussion of the impacts on farming in the area.

There is more by Greg here.

A small town in New York state challenged fracking, and won!

The film made by villagers in Sussex, which convinced planners not to allow fracking:

Another film made by a local man (from East Yorkshire), a chemist and water expert:

A doctor of Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University talks about why fracking is not “tried and tested” technology, why pretty much all wells leak within a few years, and how fracked gas is dirtier than coal:

This independent short film starts by focusing on earthquakes in Lancashire, but then moves to consider the impacts on our water, and the very close connections between gas companies, government, and money:

And “The Truth Behind The Dash For Gas 2014”, lifting the lid on fracking spin, looking at the politics as well as, investigating environmental and health issues, with a focus on the Mendip Hills that provide the water for Bristol and surrounding area.

Jessica Ernst (a consultant with the gas and oil industry in the US and Canada for 30 years) talks about her direct experiences of fracking:

This animated six-minute video is a good introduction to fracking for people to who know nothing about fracking.

There are more videos here.

And a 1 hour 45 minute lecture about fracking here, with links to various other fracking videos also.

And here is another long and highly informative illustrated talk by Dr Anthony Ingraffea on the myths and realities of fracking, as related to human health.