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Frack Free Ryedale was formed in July 2014 by a group of local Ryedale residents, the day after they had been to see a talk on fracking at Hovingham Village Hall. These residents were so appalled at the prospect of fracking in one of the most beautiful and agriculturally productive parts of the UK that they started to get organised - and Frack Free Ryedale was born.

Three years on, thousands of residents and friends of Ryedale continue to fight against the industrialisation of the North Yorkshire countryside by the fracking industry, which threatens our way of life, our health, our countryside, our water, our wildlife, our farming and our tourism industry.

Fracking is both a local and a national issue. People who live near fracking wells are deeply concerned about the impact of fracking on their health and well-being, with a likely increase in air pollution, thousands of HGV movements per production well, possible chemical spills and threats to water courses.

Others point out that fracking will tie the UK into a new fossil fuel industry for decades to come, at a time when we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions to slow climate change, and make the transition to green energy and a low-carbon economy.

Local democracy has also counted for little in the relentless drive to promote this unwanted, unnecessary and unsafe industry. Third Energy's application to frack at Kirby Misperton received 4,275 objections and only 36 letters in favour. Not a single letter of support came from anyone in the four villages near the well-site. The application was also opposed by Ryedale District Council, all five town councils in Ryedale, every Parish Council near the well-site, The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the Howard Estate and Flamingo Land, Ryedale's flagship tourist attraction only 1 mile from the well-site.

However, the views of local people and businesses counted for nothing as the application was waved through by the Conservative-led Planning Committee of North Yorkshire County Council by a vote of 7-4. Not a single person on the committee lives anywhere near Ryedale, yet they are allowed to force this industry upon us when over 99% of respondents said no. Call that local democracy? We call it an outrage.

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    North York Moors Tranquillity consultation – please respond today

    The North York Moors Park Authority are consulting on the future of the park. Please take a few minutes to send in your response, saying no to fracking in or near the park. Click here for more.

    With the Minerals and Waste Joint Plan Examination in Public starting on Tuesday 27th Feb 2018, we’ve put together an FAQ.

    Donate now!  The Minerals and Waste Joint Plan for North Yorkshire, City of York and North Yorks Moors National Park, when adopted, will form the planning blueprint by which fracking (and many other minerals and waste) applications will be determined

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    At Preston New Road in Lancashire, fracking company Cuadrilla smuggle in the drilling rig at 4.15 am. More here.

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    A new report shows the Government’s use of a report to portray fracking as ‘a low-carbon bridge fuel’ is fatally flawed. More here.

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    OGA fail to investigate Third Energy’s financial problems

    Despite being massively in debt, the Oil and Gas Authority fail to investigate Third Energy. More on the Frack Free North Yorkshire website.

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