The government are planning to make non-hydraulic exploratory drilling for shale gas Permitted Development, which means fracking companies won’t need local planning permission to build an exploratory well site near your home. They are also planning to make full scale industrial fracking a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, which means the decisions regarding whether or not fracking is allowed will be made by the Secretary of State and a Planning Inspector – not your local council planning authority.

This is nothing less than an assault on local democracy on an unprecedented scale and would result in local communities left without a voice about whether their countryside should be fracked. Frack Free Ryedale and North Yorkshire are supporting the nationwide campaign to fight these proposals - please click on the well-pad and the shed above to find out how you can help.

This desperate attempt to bypass local democracy shows that the Conservative government have realised that they are never going to get 'social licence' for this unwanted, unsafe and unnecessary industry. Rather than put their support behind renewables, they seem intent on forcing fracking on unwilling communities, and at the same time ignoring the huge weight of evidence of the harm this industry causes, and their own climate change commitments.

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    Please respond to the Permitted Development consultation

    Please respond to this important consultation (see column to the right). Easy-to-use guidelines here.

    Please respond to the NSIP consultation

    And don’t forget this equally important consultation (see column on right). Click here for guidelines.


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    Fracking, Permitted Development and NSIP – your questions answered

    Click here to find out why the government thinks that an exploratory fracking well pad is the same as a garden shed.

    PD & NSIP CAMPAIGN – write to your MP and councillor

    The government is planning to override local democracy in fracking planning decisions. See our guide to writing to your local representatives here.

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    The top ten fracking myths

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    Barclays still want to ‘get rid of’ Third Energy

    At the Barclays AGM Chairman John McFarlane said they still want to sell in-the-red fracking company Third Energy. More on Drill or Drop.

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